Innovative Trends in Dentistry

Dentists aim at making the world a better place one smile at a time. With the advancement in technology, innovations in dentistry are aiming to improve the patient experience by focusing on comfort, creating a quicker recovery time and performing minimally invasive procedures. These innovations are becoming the talk of the town in the dental world and patients often prefer picking a dentist who is technologically advanced for a better experience. Here are a few innovations in dentistry that have revolutionized the way dental problems are solved.

1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a long way from when it was first formulated and it is slowly making its way into the world of dentistry. The use of AI in dentistry has various advantages. Some of them include:

  • AI helps find the correct position of dental implants.
  • It is also used in orthognathic surgery.
  • AI plays an important role in dental education by teaching budding dentists new techniques.
  • AI makes learning anatomy easy by using 3-dimensional visualization.

2. Teledentistry

With the current situation, people are reluctant to go anywhere, and even visiting a dentist is difficult for them. There is however good news for everyone out there. Nowadays, dentists are offering teledentistry to patients that cannot reach them needing a checkup. This method helps provide easy access to the top practitioners and there is no contact. This makes it safe for high-risk patients to get their dental checkups on time without risking their health.

3. Dental Laser Techniques

According to Dr. Huamán, “Periodontists are experts at saving teeth that other dentists might not have the expertise or technology to save.” Laser treatments offer the following advantages:

  • Minimally invasive
  • Lesser recovery time 
  • Minimal bleeding
  • No need for anesthesia
  • Safer for people with high blood pressure and diabetes

4. Upgraded Tooth Repair Procedures

The material used in tooth repair procedures can upgrade the process and change the course of treatment and its durability. The ease of application, strength and durability of the material used for fillings has increased in the past decade. A type of resin is being widely used for bonding teeth. This results in stronger bonds and looks similar to the natural tooth color.

5. 3D Printing and Assistive Computerized Design

The crown preparation procedure is a long and tedious one. With the help of computer-assisted design (CAD) and computer-assisted manufacturing (CAM), including 3D printing, the world of dental treatments is slowly changing. The process is becoming quicker and more affordable. 3D printers help in printing orthodontic models, retainers, surgical guides and dental equipment quickly and accurately. It also helps print clear aligners, which are affordable and aesthetically appealing in comparison to traditional braces. 

6. Intraoral Scanner

This is another digital gift to the world of dentistry. As the name suggests, this scanner is used for taking intraoral impressions. It is fast and accurate and delivers a smooth scanning experience. These impressions are used by dentists to prepare crowns, create implant prostheses and do other orthodontic work. It can also be used as a diagnostic tool wherein the scan can be shown to the patient to explain their oral health. It’s also a great way for dentists to visually monitor the progress of a patient and motivates those who need major dental surgery and have to go through months of treatment and therapy to get the desired results. 

7. Regenerative Dentistry

A recent innovation in the world of dentistry involves a dental filling that allows the tooth to heal on its own. This removes the need for invasive procedures. It also helps preserve as much of the natural tooth as possible, which in the long run contributes to better oral health. More and more dentists are now embracing this procedure since it is quick, works on all patients and is a great way to naturally restore a smile. 

8. Digital X-Rays and 3D Photos

Digital x-rays are one of the best innovations in dentistry. These x-rays can be conducted in the dentist’s chair and take away the need to visit a radiology lab. Patients no longer need to wait for hours before they can get an x-ray of their mouth. Digital x-rays can pop up on the screen within seconds. Since they don’t emit radiation, it is safer for pregnant women and small children. These x-rays can also be stored digitally and can store the dental history of the patient. Dentists just need to click on records or continue adding to the files to track progress.

3D photo options are used for faster and safer gum surgery by periodontists. This technology allows dentists to create a 3D picture of the patient’s face, soft tissues and underlying bone structure. This can be integrated with a CT scan of the bone structure to provide a detailed look at the facial soft tissue, bone and sinuses. This technique helps the dentist provide an effective diagnosis and plan the procedure more effectively. Taly Dental Specialists is the first in the San Diego area to use this effective 3D facial photo system in their clinic.


  • It is faster, safer and comfortable
  • Helps in the diagnosis of complex dental problems
  • Provides a detailed 3D image of the face and jaw 

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Innovations in technology are making the process of creating a healthy smile easier for dentists and patients. Many dental specialists are now offering better solutions that help their patients and minimize the risk of health complications. These innovations also provide a quicker recovery time, higher accuracy rates, and most importantly, help patients overcome their fear of visiting a dentist.

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